Alan Potkin —trained originally as a limnologist specializing in tropical rivers— holds a doctorate in environmental planning (Ph. D., 1989) from U.C. Berkeley. His focus has always been on media applications in cultural and ecological conservation, and on the evolving interactive visualization toolbox for strengthening impact assessment, public participation, and post-facto evaluation. A combat veteran of the Second Indochina War  —wherefrom emerged a not-so-hidden agenda towards personally undoing some part of the damage— he was based in Vientiane from 1995 through 2002.  While there he founded the Digital Conservation Facility, Laos (DCFL): affiliated since 2003 with both the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois U. (NIU) and the NIU Center for Burma Studies. Dr. Potkin’s recent research has been on the aesthetics of waterfalls hydro power in Sri Lanka; on the 12,000 MW Myitsone cascade project on the Ayeyarwady headwaters in Myanmar’s troubled Kachin State; on museums as essential to pharaonic projects; and on downstream learning —broadly defined— from Mekong Basin actual outcomes.