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Configuring your playback platform for online interactive content from Cultivate Understanding Multimedia/Digital Conservation Facility, Laos (required one time only).

Regrettably this is a hassle and entails using only the Safari browser on Macs or the Internet Explorer 11 browser on PCs; first having downloaded and run installers for Adobe/Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player (both free from; having instructed your OS to open by default all *.PDFs under the Reader (or full Acrobat) app; and finally, instructing your browser to always open Reader and Flash Player for all connections to the URL.

Yes, we know; but several of the linked eBooks herein explain why we opted —as early as 1991— to produce our elaborately-interactive materials using the original Adobe Acrobat app, in developing a PDF-based format which has become increasingly inconvenient as accessing web content became more conventionalized and better protection against malware and scammers more essential.

(All Windows 10 PCs will have IE11 in the OS package, but Microsoft is pushing MS Edge —with which interactive PDF is generally incompatible— as their preferred default browser)